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Hello! So nice to see you here. If we haven't met yet here is a bit about me: By day, I'm a Solutions Architect at Compass. By night, I'm a No Code maker and the Founder & CEO of Propulsion Lab.

I love the startup world and the people in it. As our community has been hit pretty hard by the economic impacts of COVID-19, I would like to offer my time, free of charge, to those that need help in bouncing back:

If you are currently seeking new job opportunities in the tech startup space, I'd love work with you in a one-on-one interview strategy and prep session. I can also help get you more proficient with automation tools that make you a more attractive candidate to potential employers. As a Bar Raiser at Compass and 3x startup founder, I have interviewed candidates for countless roles. There is ZERO COST for this. No strings attached and no up-sell. I myself have been a part of a mass lay-off before and know how tough it it can be, and I'd like to help where/how I can.

All the best,

To read more about my background, please refer to my LinkedIn Profile.
To schedule a session with me, simply click the "Book Your Session" button.

Automation Consulting Testimonials

Grace Jones
Director of Customer Success @

"I've worked with Phil in the past to add automation to my Customer Success team's onboarding approach. Phil is responsive, enthusiastic, strategic, and skilled at finding customized solutions to address the obstacles that prevent you or your team from reaching your goals. Phil helped my team achieve better customer experience and retention through the automation solutions he introduced and helped implement."

Izuchukwu Elechi
Product Designer @

"With an almost superhuman grasp of the automation landscape, I’d be hard-pressed to think of a digital workflow that Phil can’t optimize. After five minutes with Phil, you practically become more efficient on accident."

Derek Williamson

"Phil is an invaluable resource for all things automation and productivity, and a great teacher as well. His ability to quickly understand complex workflows and distill them down into simple automation solutions is unmatched. He brings energy, enthusiasm and empathy to every conversation I've had with him - definitely talk to Phil if you have the opportunity!"

Whit Anderson
Sourcing Associate @

"Phil opened my eyes to the power of using no code automation to enhance the operations of an individual or team especially in the corporate setting. Phil + Automation workflows = a dangerous combo for productivity. He is the type guy who brings a smile to your face with every conversation so he's great to work with. "

Liza Pasciuto
Managing Director - Strategy & Operations @

"Phil is a natural teacher with an innate ability to assess the room and immediately calibrate his strategy and style for peak effectiveness. I have had the privilege to be colleagues with notable trailblazers and I do not hesitate to synonymize Phil with bar setting productivity and automation systems, he's that incredible! In addition to all of the above, I must mention his positive, contagious energy elevates every single interaction for the most enjoyable partnership!"

Edmund Amoye
Founder/Narrator @

"Phil's radical candor and genuine empathy make him a perfect collaborator on the journey that is you. If there is one thing of which I am sure, he won't recommend a strategy or tactic he hasn't tried over a career spanning acting, field operations, solutions planning, and strategic partnerships. You think your options are limited? Let Phil help you expand your pie 🥧."

Mallory Contois
Head of Product @

"During my time working with Phil at Compass, he demonstrated an otherworldly passion for process and workflow optimization. He takes on large, intimidating tasks with gusto and excitement, and makes transitions to new processes simple, actionable, and even fun! "

Karthik Puvvada (KP)
Founder @

"In my interactions and strategy sessions with Phil, he came across as a productivity wizard who is approachable and loves giving value first. His tool recommendations, productivity strategies and automation insights helped me level up! In one short meeting, you will feel inspired to rethink your current productivity stack, pick the right tools and get back a lot of your precious time each week! "

Sharath Kuruganty
No Code Maker @

"Phil comes with incredible energy, a lot awesome ideas and most importantly insane productivity hacks. I have know Phil for a while now and from the beginning he endorsed some amazing products which boosted my daily productivity. A 45min call with Phil will change how you work!"

Michael Havkins
Customer Analyst @

"When it comes to authenticity, passion and creativity, Phil is second to none. Having worked with Phil for 5+ years, I can truly say that he is able to consistently deliver game-changing business advice in such a way that inspires and energizes everyone on my team to reach peak performance. His list of accomplishments is long but the list of people and organizations that he has positively impacted is even longer."

Vik Duggal

"You get a one-two punch with Phil. His knowledge of automations and experience gives him tremendous ability to deliver insight. He will put you on the path toward efficiency."

Mohamed Merzouk
Product Manager @

"Phil was a tremendous resource when I was running my startup. As a founder, I needed an objective outside perspective on things that mattered most and Phil always provided sober advice on business strategy and productivity. I highly recommend working with Phil if you're looking for a sounding board. He's also awesome to be around!"

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